.. title: brokerlso .. slug: index .. date: 2016-10-11 23:37:18 UTC .. updated: 2016-10-11 23:37:18 UTC .. tags: .. category: .. link: .. description: .. type: text *brokerlso* is a small library to create parts of Qpid Management Framework (QMF) version 2 messages. Legacy `qpid-python `_ and associated packages provided the ability to manage an Apache Qpid broker. The newer AMQP messaging toolkit, `Qpid Proton `_, does not provide the same level of functionality. *brokerlso* plugs in the gap by being focused solely on creating the parts of an AMQP message that relate to QMF commands. Look at tests and examples for more information on how to use *brokerlso*. Name ---- Why *brokerlso*? It has two parts: *Broker* and *LSO*. *Broker* refers to the Apache Qpid broker. *LSO* refers to `Landing Signal Officer `_. *brokerlso* is meant to create QMFv2 messages to manage a Qpid broker. Contribute ---------- Main development is done on `GitHub `_ and the `issue tracker `_ is also there. Repo is mirrored on `GitLab `_ and `BitBucket `_, and contributions in any of these places are welcome. License ------- Distributed under the terms of the MIT license brokerlso is free and open source software. Documentation ------------- Docs are hosted by `Read the Docs `_.