.. title: Requiring Encryption in Apache Qpid .. slug: requiring-encryption-in-apache-qpid .. date: 2016-04-05 06:12:48 UTC .. updated: 2016-04-05 06:12:48 UTC .. tags: qpid .. category: .. link: .. description: .. type: text I configured requiring encryption in Apache Qpid (C++ broker) by adding the following line to */etc/qpid/qpidd.conf* file and restarting the broker :: require-encryption=yes Later when I used ``qpid-stat`` I got an error message :: $ qpid-stat -q -b user@password/localhost:5672 Failed: AuthenticationFailure - Error in sasl_client_start (-4) SASL(-4): no mechanism available After following a mailing list post to a JIRA to a `Review Board entry `_ I found that when broker requires a secure TLS connection then the connection string must use ``amqps`` protocol instead of ``amqp`` like so :: $ qpid-stat -q -b amqps://user@password/localhost:5672 I was using version 0.34 of both broker and client.