Seagull (Fork)

Quoting from the Seagull website,

Seagull is a free, Open Source (GPL) multi-protocol traffic generator
test tool. Primarily aimed at IMS (3GPP, TISPAN, CableLabs) protocols
(and thus being the perfect complement to SIPp for IMS testing),
Seagull is a powerful traffic generator for functional, load,
endurance, stress and performance/benchmark tests for almost
any kind of protocol.

I wanted to build and use Seagull on Ubuntu for Diameter protocol testing. I came across a lot of roadblocks that needed to be surmounted, primarily compiler errors when I tried to build it on anything modern, say CentOS 7 or Ubuntu 14.04.

When I had solved all these issues I forked the original repo on 2015-04-22 and created a git repo on GitHub. If you find it useful use it, star it, contribute to it.


Main development is done on GitHub and the issue tracker is also there. Repo is mirrored on GitLab and BitBucket, and contributions in any of these places are welcome.

This project has been receiving PRs and issue reports from people that have made positive changes. These changes have been merged at a really slow pace. Efforts are made to merge changes in a timely manner but it's not always possible, primarily due to these reasons:

  • The primary reason to create this repo was to get Seagull to build for my day job
  • I am not using Seagull in my day job anymore

If you use Seagull regularly and are affected by the slow pace of handling issues and PRs, contact me on Twitter (@aikchar) to add you as a contributor.


Distributed under the terms of the GPL v2 license Seagull is free and open source software.